Our Mission & Core Values

"To reach people with the

life-giving message of the gospel

so they become wholehearted followers of Jesus"

We believe Jesus is the unrivaled King over all creation, gave His life to redeem the world, and provides hope for all humanity. Jesus brings us to life. He deserves wholehearted devotion so we praise passionately, sacrifice willingly, and invite unashamedly.

We don’t just have a vision for our church; we have a vision for our community. Gathering as a church is not about feeding our self-interests and personal desires. We are passionate about people outside our church knowing Jesus and His purpose for their lives.

We believe church is more than a building you enter; it is a family to which you belong. Church is not about just attendance, but about relationship. Relationships can be messy, so we commit to work things out, rid gossip, and fight for unity.

We are recipients of the greatest gift the world has ever known…the extravagant love of God expressed in Jesus. Generosity is not only about finances, it is about everything. We will leverage our resources, give up our time, and push past our comfort zones to see the lost found and heaven touch earth. Generosity isn’t something we do, it is who we are.

The process of a change in ones life. Striving to live out healthy and authentic lives, as an example before a broken world; so that all may see Jesus redeem us into His image. Proved by the way you live, that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.